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  1. I had the most lovely time during my stay i was able to meet other students like me who were interested in touring the city of montreal not just studying. Our host was most helpful and a delight. I would not hesitate going back not just to visit the city of Montreal but also living at the homestay during my time there.

  2. The hospitality I experienced at homestay was a very memorable one.
    I was pleased to meet the other students and enjoyed the interesting conversations we shared. The host was genuine, friendly and very accommodating.
    In addition, the convenince of the location further enhanced my experince, as it was only a few minutes away from downtown Montreal.
    All in all it was a home away from home.

  3. I had live in a nice quiet home with my landlady for a short time, it was warm and quite, I did not talk much with my landlady but she was a really nice person and I had a very good time with her……

  4. What I best liked about my homestay accommodation was Maureen’s and the house. My room was great—well equipped and quiet. Just right. I enjoyed the company of the host and students the best. The food was very good indeed—good variety and presentation. My best experience at the homestay was that it was just like home as well as the friendship we all formed.

    Maureen, Thanks so much. Very happy to keep in touch. Many thanks for everything.

  5. One of my best days of my life were at Maureen’s home stay. There you have all what you need: A clean restroom, a clean bathroom and everything you need for a good stay at Mtl. Located in a great zone near the subway and in a very safe zone. Also, there you can make good friends and have the experience of your life just as I did. Thanks Maureen for all your atenttions. Do not hesitate in visit Maureen’s Homestay!!

  6. Making the decision to leave the city where you grew up and learned to cope is not always easy, especially for the thousands of questions that begin to appear. Most definitely we are faced with a decision that changed and defined ourselves for the rest of our lives.
    On January 8th, 2010, I started the most wonderful trip I’ve made in my life, I went from my native Caracas, Venezuela to the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada, knowing only that I was going to study English and French and stay in NDG.

    It was a long trip, finally arriving at the airport in Montreal and out of immigration, there it was Maureen, with a sign that had my surname. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a new member of my family.

    Maureen is one of the warmest people I’ve ever met in my entire life; she is very open and talkative. Living in her house makes you feel like yours. Living in a place with all the comforts that makes you feel you are back in home again.
    I would not hesitate one second to recommend this house as the home of other students, she is very warm and also the place is incredible.

  7. I stayed in big, neat room and had very great meals throughout the holidays and normal days. Maureen was very helpful and kind towards me and guided me to learning the Montreal’s way of life.

    Then I could enjoy talking with her and other international students. I never forget this best memory.
    I sincerely appreciate my family members. Thanks a lot Maureen!

  8. I visited Montreal in July, 2008 and must say that from the first hours of staying I felt like home. After 10 hours of travelling to “City of Mary” (original name of Montreal sounds as “Ville-Marie” in French), I forgot about all tiredness when saw my host, Maureen Thomas, meeting me with a friendly smile and bright light in her eyes. Her kindness and care let me feel very comfortable and free. I remember those dinners when we were eating different dishes each day, it was a kind of celebration, cuz we gathered together with students and Maureen around the table , enjoyed our meal, discussed our experience about studying, sightseeing in Mtl, other cities of Quebec, about our life at all, made jokes and shared about our plans for the evening.

    Maureen all the time told us peculiarities of cultural life in Montreal, different events from social life, and the location of the homestay allowed us to find and see all above very easy. It also didn’t take so long time to get to school, what was important for me, who likes to sleep)))), cuz location is not far from downtown.

    Accommodations were very good, each student was provided with his own bedroom, and shared kitchen allowed us to meet in the morning and talk till the last minute we understood WE MUST GO, otherwise would be late. Balconies gave us opportunity to enjoy beautiful views and nice weather which was in July of that year. There were 4 of us living at that time – from different countries, but we made good friends and had fun all together. Even our new friends from school joined us there and then we started to go out somewhere, it was multicultural evenings, nights, and the whole time in Montreal.
    I felt that I was welcome in this house and family, and we made friends very fast. It passed almost 3 years when I was there, but we still keep in touch with my Lovely Maureen, students who were with me at that time and know how things go on in our families.

    I miss that time very much and sure about coming there again!!!!!!!!!!

  9. A very good place to stay. I spent at Maureen’s house a lot of great time, the winter became very short !
    Maureen is an amazing, fantastic open-minded person, who makes her guests very comfortable. She is a wonderful host, and if you choose to go to this homestay, you will have a lot of fun, and will never forget your time there.
    I definitely recommend you to book and to stay there as long as you can !!!!

  10. Maureen was so hospitable and easy going. Both my fiance and I had a great time as she took us to the old city and the port. And she helped me get settled and understand Montreal.
    Montreal itself was so so so great!! Never been to a city like this!!
    Thank you Maureen for the great time!

  11. Stayed with Maureen for a month and cannot recommend her homestay highly enough – the house is in a lovely part of Montréal with easy access to the metro station and bus stops. The house is clean with good sized bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. And last but not least Maureen herself is very kind and welcoming and made me feel at home straight away. Thank you very much! If I’m ever in Montréal again I’ll be straight back!

  12. Maureen is a kind and easygoing lady who treats me like a friend.I am not good at english vocabulary,so it is difficult for me to praise about her lovely home.
    For me,It gets good location which is near metro station and a couple buses.AS for her cooking,you ‘d better take a shot of it,because she has her special recipes which are called “Maureen ‘s way”.
    Furthermore,My friend,Katie has already said about other advantages of Maureen’s.By the way,you do make some friends here.
    If I travel back to Montreal,I think have known where I will leave!

  13. I had a great time staying at Maureen’s for a month. Location is nice, accessible to metro and bus. That helped me learn about Montreal. Maureen is really generous. Thank you so much!

  14. I spent a very good time in Montreal. Maureen is very welcoming, she cooks very well and she gives lots of advices about tourism. I had a great experience.

  15. I came to Montreal quite recently to do an internship at Royal Vic and I must say I lived at the best place on the planet.
    I was picked up by Maureen at the airport and she was able to hold the conversation till we got to the house and that was our first meeting..wow
    I didn’t even need much time to settle in because she made it so easy to..she’s very warm, generous, understanding and super caring.
    Her meals were amazing and so much variety I literally looked forward to the next meal.
    I loved my room so much sometimes I could stay in there till supper.
    I had the privilege to meet her daughters and I must say they are a chip of the old block!
    I will definitely want to stay at Maureen’s anytime I come to Montreal.

  16. I stayed in spacious, neat and charming fully furnished room.
    If you want some independence, the rooms are located on the top floor which has a separate entrance.
    Has a fully equipped kitchen to prepare your meals.A very good place to stay.

    About the localization is perfect,lovely neighborhood and there is a bus stop just in the corner and metro station is 8 min walking.

    Maureen is very welcoming,wonderful host,open-minded person,who makes her guests very comfortable and made me feel at home away from home .She gives lots of advices about tourism too.

    I definitely recommend you to book and to stay there as long as you can!!!!I had a great experience =)

    Thank you very much! If I’m ever in Montréal again I’ll be straight back! I spent a very good time in Montreal.

  17. I did not get the chance to stay in Maureen’s place but I planned to stay for 3 months for language immersion starting April 2018. I reserve and paid 1 month in advance as I need the proof of stay for visa application. Visa application denied unfortunately. I asked Maureen for refund, and I got the refund in two days! Thank you Maureen!

    To anyone planning to stay at Montreal, have a look at the reviews also at homestay.com as well as Aibnb. There’s a reason for such great reviews! The reviews are not just a measure of the quality of the place, but also trustworthiness.

  18. Thanks to maureen my friend riccardo and I spent three wonderful weeks in Montreal.
    Our accomodation was comfortable and i look forward to coming back again.

  19. Thank you for three weeks.
    I have visited Montréal for the first time. Also, I went to Canada alone.
    There were many things what I worried. However, Maureen was very kind to me.
    Maureen’s house is very comfortable to spend.
    I am glad to have met Maureen. I had a valuable experience.
    I want to go to Montréal and meet Maureen again.
    Thank you so much!

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